The SPUT store seeks to provide the youth of Saint Paul Urban Tennis with entrepreneurship opportunities to prepare them for the modern workforce.

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Quote from a Website Founder:

I became a part of this team to learn more about business and complex technology. Being a Youth Social Entrepreneur, I have gained knowledge on profit margins, percentages that go into sales commission, and how to create a website. I know that these will prepare me for future business endeavors, and if I start my own small business, I will be prepared.

Sophie Kuether

Quote from a Website Founder:

YSE has taught me how to manage an independent business and helped me turn ideas into marketable, tangible products we’re proud of. Being a founder has also taught me the importance of open-minded conversations in cultivating a diverse array of perspectives.

Tony Wang

Quote from a Website Founder:

One of the most important skills that I’ve gained from being on the founders team and being part of the YSE project as a whole is probably just learning how to better go about group projects like this. Being able to effectively communicate with a group and being able to know your strengths and play to those as well as seeing everyone else step up and take on the things that they’re strong at really makes a project like this come together very well.

Charlie Gerteis

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